IMG_3428_1_kleinerMost of what I do has more or less to do with writing … that’s the short version.
What do I do in particular?

As of now, I am a journalist (radio, print and online), a scientist (PhD student in art history), a writing coach (scientific peer counseling, creative writing think tank etc.), a writer (mostly children & young adult) and a translator/editor/proofreader (scientific and fictional).

I am a German native speaker with several years of working experience with English, in its spoken and written form. During this time I’ve worked with scientific texts as well as fictional works, mostly editing and proofreading. Regarding translations, I have mostly done short to medium length texts – English to German as well as German to English -, some scientific, some fictional. Some time ago I started working as a translator/editor/proofreader on Babelcube as well as freelance with several medium to full lenght novels.

In addition, I work as a journalist, mostly on cultural, social, and art related topics. Right now, the main part of my radio work (as a reporter or radio host) is aired on the local radio station Radio Köln. Although the culture magazine null22eins I write for is in print, it does have a digital version as well. Regarding online journalism: You could check out Zauberwelten-Online (an online based magazine for fantasy literature & games) or Wörterrausch-Bücherblog (a blog with various literature reviews).

While my scientific work on my PhD in art history, at the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, is (naturally) quite theoretical, this is nicely balanced by my work in the field of communication of art, which takes place in KIT- Kunst im Tunnel (a museum for young contemporary art in Dusseldorf) and Museum Ludwig (a museum for established modern & contemporary art in Cologne)

In my free time, I hone my creative writing skills by working on several projects in children’s and youth literature as well as short stories. At this very moment, I am looking for a publisher/literary agency for my first completed childrens novel – fingers crossed!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about my work, please feel free to send me an email. In addition you could follow me on twitter 🙂